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Spoiler it’s garbage.

This movie is terrible it doesn’t teach young girls anything. The movie poster itself says enough. It adds to plastic surgery culture in Korea. I have no problem with people who get plastic surgery, more power to you if it works out, but to endorse it to teens that will watch it in the future? You can see where I’m coming from.

During your teen years you usually have insecurities but sometimes you grow out of them. This movie steam rolls that idea and says if the guy you like only likes skinny girls become a skinny girl through whatever means and then try to hide it just to stay in his favor. Also the movie is unrealistic in that the doctor just took all that weight off. It doesn’t show that you have to do work yourself through exercise and diet to actually get the doctor on board for surgery. There’s no message in this movie that should be shared with the public except don’t lie. It really hurts me that I wasted time on this movie because it wasn’t worth the watch. It took an aspiring singer who, yes, had insecurities, which could have become a great plot of her over coming and ditching the loser who didn’t see her true character, and replaced it with a shallow woman chasing after a man instead of her career.

No more words need to be wasted on this. It’s a manga too, Kannasan Daiseikou Desu!, I didn’t read it but hopefully it’s developed better. If you agree or disagree tell me why in the comments I love a good back and forth.

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