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*WARNING we here at MiraiRose are not afraid to compare drama characters to anime characters.*

Hello my rosy patrons, today we are going to talk about Cheese in the Trap!!! Phew where do we start? With this at first enjoyable drama, we are slipped under the guise that it’s a regular enemies turned lovers, but as we progress into the maze we get turned around when the love interest is actually a mastermind- ahem demon stalker- that likes to deal justice to ‘evildoers’ like a less crazy and korean Light Yagami.

After him let’s introduce his masochist girlfriend that receives the abuse from Yagami’s schemes. In a way she can resemble Misa who lost herself and did whatever Light wanted, but we do see a fighting spirit in the down on your luck protagonist when she begins to speak up for herself. Does this make up for her trying to accept a demon in a handsome angelic disguise? Noooo!!! We understand that anger makes you see red but anger shouldn’t make you ruin lives i.e. handsome piano players that have true talent and good looks to boot. To say that In ho and In ha were right in spying on their friend for money is not cool but we do not condone intricate and long winded plans to secretly ruin people who have already been dealt a bad hand.

On the drama scale I would give this drama a 6  out of 10 for being able to keep me coming but the ending..well you’ll have to watch and decide for yourself but if you watched the ending tell us your opinion and what anime character did you think the characters resembled?

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