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Spoilers y’all!!!! p.s. not really

For Erased we get the action, the romance, the comic relief and the mystery all mixed into one perfectly wrapped package. Ok so not so much the comic relief in this piece, but a little joy and laughter among kids goes a long long long way in this murder mystery.


Now I don’t want to spill too much about the cray cray delight, but strap on for this wild ride while I try to entice you to watch Satoru’s life flash before your eyes. If you’re a fan of love don’t lose faith, love comes in many shapes and forms in this anime from romantic to family values. The bitter saltiness of a lost life is rampant but the sweet and pure courage of a kid fighting for those he loves never disappears; because even if he may stumble and lose his footing at times there are always people there to patch the road so he doesn’t fall through to despair. I understand we are not all romantics- I get and I gotcha- or the anime/manga’s gotcha with a bloodthirsty murder on the rise, slice and dicing and making you feel perfectly awful. I’ve said my piece now y’all tell me yours tell me your favorite scenes, most hated scenes any scenes lol but don’t leave me hanging I love feedback from the masses!!!

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