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So here’s the gist of it:
Flower Boy Ramen Shop is about a female lead who runs a ramen shop where flower boys work. See what I did there
‘_>’ … no…?

Actually, this was the depth that I expected from this drama when I first saw the title and it was only my compulsive self-destructive tendency to avoid any work that lead to me watching the first episode. But! That’s all it took! Flower Boy Ramen Shop (FBRS – seriously, we’ll be here all day) starts with the disastrous end of Yang Eun-bi’s (played by Lee Chung-ah) long-term, long-distance relationship. It’s okay though because Eun-bi is not the type to quit (I love that in a female lead). She refocuses her energy into her education and career. Enter Cha Chi-soo (played by Jung Il-woo) who makes it his mission to stomp on everyone of her dreams. In typical drama fashion, this is actually Chi-soo’s misguided way of showing his (borderline obsessive) affections. I haven’t even mentioned Eun-bi’s “husband” have I? Choi Kang-hyuk (played by Lee Ki-woo) is handsome, sweet, attentive, and …weird. Who will she choose?

Should you watch this? My honest opinion is yes. Yes, you do have the basic recipe of a female leading searching for herself while being trapped between two apparently appealing romantic prospects. However, FBRS has that extra layer of comedy, self-analysis (and not just the female lead), and family dysfunction that makes it worth all 16 episodes.

p.s. you’ll love the side relationships too. I’ll just drop this hint of my OTP here shall I? Kim Woo….?

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