*Beware Spoilers are Lurking*
I watched this beginning of episode one and someone’s head got bitten off- I said bye come again, never. That is until I gave it another try, despite all the carnage, extra eyeballs and just extra everything it has a great storyline. You get used to everything that should turn you off from the show; you’ll start to realize that it isn’t real, no Parasyte is going to come out and eat you from the anime, so don’t let that deter you from watching it.

  • Mirai Rose
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  • Mirai Rose
  • Mirai Rose
Enter Spider—excuse me, Shinichi our neighborhood Parasyte-man. All jokes aside his story does sort of resemble spiderman’s backstory. Timid teenager afflicted with an unnatural power that changes his life, loved one dies, inner battle and coming to terms with lover. There are terrible holes in that logic though because Shinichi has Migi. I’m not too surprised when MIgi saves Shinichi, he even backs it up with his survival instincts but when he starts feeling sympathy for his own race you can tell that his attitude toward survival is no longer flat and kill whatever stands in my way.
Migi is my favorite character beside Reiko Tamura- I’m using this name because she is not Ryouko Tamiya, she became her own character and for an entity that couldn’t understand human feelings she became one of the most noble characters of the anime series. I’m probably saying this because women in power are awesome, even though she is not a she. It just goes to show the power of women in this society. Every woman in Shinichi’s life affect his attitude and the closure of the hole in his heart.
These are my jumble of thoughts on Parasyte, watch the anime yourself and come back and review so I can fan out with another Parasyte fan.

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