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Prosecutor Princess

Here’s an oldie but a goodie Prosecutor Princess!!! For anyone who has watched it I truly salute you because even though it followed the same script all dramas follow- the elusive meeting of the lovebirds, the accident where one of the lovebirds gets hurt(which I have kindly named the korean drama or death by korean drama whichever fits), and the old fashioned get together where nothing and no one  matters except their love for each other- Prosecutor Princess somehow managed to get it’s unique claws into me, with the adorably clueless female lead who was also smart and the cute love interest that had you vying for him till the very end. I don’t know if you guys notice this but in other dramas you don’t initially want the girl to end up with the guy she’s set to be with but in PP-ok maybe I can come up with a better name Prosecutor P…there’s no way of fixing this lol..anyway-she’s set to be with absolutely charming man that’s easy on the eyes and you can that tell that he doesn’t have to berate the female lead to realize his feelings for her. Honestly, If you’re still here and not already watching Prosecutor Princess I don’t what to say except hurry and go watch it so you can come back and discuss with me the beautiful Miss Kim So-yeon who gradually became one of my favorite Korean actresses!!!

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