Sakamoto Desu Ga?

I started reading this hot gem years ago and only stopped when it was put on hiatus- a true travesty, but now it’s back as an anime and on the plus side there was a new chapter TT^TT(Tears of joy…I hope).  Anyway what first attracted me wasn’t the manga art, which has improved in the anime–but the striking fabulous pose that Sakamoto made in the picture-link connected to the manga. I laughed my head off at how he weirdly brings things together. It’s not a serious manga/anime, there’s no death of characters or real fighting, it’s just a hilarious montage of a dashing man striking poses that could make a girl..or guy faint. Sakamoto, himself, is always surrounded by people and those people are where the story lie. In meeting our mysterious main character they always go through changes, which change their attitude for the better. So if you’re feeling down you should watch or read Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto(Sakamoto desu Ga?) because he’s cool, cooler, coolest!

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