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So the musical train continues. This Korean movie doesn’t actually showcase any the of character’s professional singing talent but the movie showcases songs that specifically go with the scene and the characters interact according to what’s being played in the scene.
To the actual review, this movie reminds me of a less boring Korean rendition of the Studio Ghibili Movie Only Yesterday. It has great characters that are lively and it’s just an upbeat feel good movie. It has it’s notes of seriousness with its time period of the 80s but from a fourteen or fifteen-year-old’s perspective it’s still upbeat.
Let’s get into it, I didn’t fully understand the images of government they showcased in the movie but it’s good that they didn’t cut that out of the movie. If they did cut it out, they would have sacrificed a part of the protagonist’s story just to keep the upbeat mood of a child’s rose colored vision. Aside from the obvious knocking of death, I had an ominous feeling of something looming over the group’s happiness. It scared me every time the story took a sharp turn and they did a good job of not letting you know what happens by slowly reintroducing the characters back into Sseoni.
The casting was great; I can’t list all the names because every actor played their role perfectly. Miss Shim Eun-Kyung, from Miss Granny, and the brilliant Jin Hee-Kyung, from Fight for my Way, who I recognized immediately did brilliant jobs bringing the characters to life. I seriously don’t want to just list the many great actresses and actors that went into film so I’ll let you google it. To say though that they carried the movie is false, because the story was beautifully developed and ended just as.
I had one problem though but if I say it before you watch the movie I’ll have ruined it, so watch it and comment so I can tell you all about it or we can see if you have the same problem.

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