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This short animation was a fortuitous find, I’m so happy I clicked on it. I’ll have tons of spoilers so just go ahead and watch the original where I found it; Welcome to Hell. After you watch it leave a comment saying you came from mirairose.com. Quing Mirai likes hearing about her kingdom.
I generally don’t like watching short films because they usually have a great story deserves a series. Once again I was disappointed because this did indeed deserve a series. Unfortunately, as the animator states it’s just a project. The story is wicked in trying to make you feel bad for a teenager who can’t cope with others not understanding his need for killing. Then he commits a murder-suicide with him and his parents. It was so ridiculous, I had no idea where the story was going. Just as I was going to click off though, he introduces this charismatic comic relief character; the devil. Which is ironic because you know the whole devil part.
I don’t understand why he changed the devil’s name to Mephistopheles. Other than the fact it was the name of the devil in the Faust legend it’s unnecessary. Even though Mephistopheles is the devil, it’s not a good reason because the two stories don’t link. Mephistopheles gives Faust something he wants in return for his soul but Suck doesn’t even get to directly kill anyone. Which leads me to why I liked this short.

Suck starts to develop…a little. It seems like the more time he spends with his love interest. That’s what I’ll call him because…just watch it. He develops a humanity he didn’t have when he was alive, even though in the end he still wants Jonathan dead.
It was a funny short and I wish that it had more episodes but alas what can you do? If you also believe God is woman-watch it, you’ll understand- leave a comment and tell her to give us more than Sundays off.

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