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You can easily forget that this a slice of life in this little girl’s continuous adventures. I love how she brings neighbors together. She’s the complete opposite of other anime characters as children (i.e Kyo Sohma- Fruits Basket) her childhood isn’t plagued by gloominess just lovable characters that respect that a child should be treated as such. She’s so peculiar in her innocence that she can at times seem alien, but it’s funny because honestly I wish more anime children were written like this, desiring to discover the world and not so scarred- but without damaged children, as awful as that sounds, we wouldn’t have great animes like Naruto, When Marnie was There, The Boy and the Beast etc. Just the cycle of anime I guess- getting happy, childlike children and early developed children.

Yotsuba&! is a real breath of fresh air all the action anime poking you in the side with their popularity because it’s so funny and the story never bores you. She brings together people and with them she brings awkward comedy with her curiosity bubble that if you pop makes you seem bad. Even her father, who is shut in because of his work, is added to the equation because the two are a father and daughter comedy duo as you take a look into their morning routine. Yotsuba inspires the audience to put down the manga and go outside to try and see what she’s seeing and become closer with your neighborhood because they might bright and endearing.

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I hope you go out for a walk and buy this manga because it is worth the read. If you agree please comment and tell me why if you don’t I understand just tell me why.

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